Proud of a special and unique history
Proud of a natural leadership in the gelato,
pastry and chocolate industry

Bravo Headquarter

Bravo Headquarter

Bravo is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of professional machines for the production of artisan gelato, pastry and chocolate. 

Ever since its foundation in 1967, Bravo’s history has been built upon innovative products and successful ideas:

Bravo introduced to the world the philosophy of Trittico®, the multi-purpose machine that since 1974 has evolved into its current sixth generation edition.

Today the company continues to grow thanks to the continuity of the new generation: Giuseppe Bravo is managing director of the company today, while the engineer Stefano Bravo coordinates the team of engineers in the research and development department.

The sales network increases year by year and international branches as Bravo Asia spring up transforming Bravo into the solid and efficient international company which it is today.

Bravo Asia

Bravo Asia

Bravo Asia, incorporated in 2010, is the Asian Pacific division of Bravo, Italian leader in the production of equipment for Gelato, Pastry & Chocolate.

Thanks to our strategic location in Singapore and our network of agents, our customers can rely on the availability of our equipment, spare parts and service in the whole Asia Pacific Area.

Bravo Asia unit is also made of its own sales and financial department and a show-room and training center where it is possible to get in touch with the finest knowledge and the most modern techniques through classes and Trittico Clubs held by the best Italian gelato masters and French pastry chefs.

The goal of Bravo Asia is to work closely with our partners and customers, in order to offer advice and suggestions to use our equipment to its full potential.